Shaver Lake Fireworks

Every year we put on an amazing fireworks show on the lake on 4th of July weekend.

This community event brings us all together to help celebrate this great nation

100% community funded means you can contribute.

This complicated and expensive event (costs around $25,000 a year) is funded 100% by donation. This means – YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE!

As we get closer to July, event details will be posted here on this page.
Donations are received all year and are greatly appreciated.

Please contact if you can help in any way.

Independence Day Fireworks Show

One of Shaver Lakes crowning achievements! Celebrate America and all its splendor with us, at this professionally choreographed firework spectacular launched from Honeymoon Island in the middle of Shaver Lake. 

Your donation of either helps make an impact in Greater Shaver Lake for generations to come.

Help Us Keep the Mountain Safe

Fireworks outside of the sanctioned firework show are not allowed in our mountains or foothills. Law enforcement and fire teams will be on hand to monitor the safety of our community. The use of fireworks in the Greater Shaver Lake Area is punishable by law and may result in felony charges and a hefty fine.